Frequently Asked Questions


What is Your Training?

I received my PhD in clinical psychology in 1979 and have gained training in some of the most advanced techniques available for individual and couples counseling.  To learn specifics on the techniques I am certified to provide, click the links below.

       PhD  Clinical Psychology

       Certified Imago Relationship Therapist

       Licensed PAX Program Partner – Allison Armstrong

       Certified in Somatic Trauma Release 

       Certified in EFT  (Emotional Freedom Technique)

       Certified in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing)


How much do you charge?

The rate for individual or couples counseling is $150.00 for a one hour session.  I pro-rate any additional time if needed and also offer longer session retreats.


Do You Accept Insurance?

I do not accept insurance directly, but I can provide a diagnosis, billing information along with my credentials that you may submit for possible reimbursement to your insurance provider.  For those without insurance, I recommend looking into HealthSavings Accounts  


What is your cancellation policy?

If you need to cancel please call 24 hrs. prior to the scheduled appointment, other wise the account will be billed at the session rate.  There may be exceptions for unexpected circumstances or emergencies, so just call me.  Life happens…..


Do You Work with Non Traditional Couples?

Yes, I work with people from all backgrounds and orientations.  I strive to provide a safe, non judgmental environment for individuals and couples to heal and grow.


Where Are You Located?

My office is located near central downtown Colorado Springs in a peaceful neighborhood surrounded by a beautiful garden environment. On street parking is easy.


Do You Have a Sliding Scale?

Due to the fact that I have been practicing for over 30 years and my advanced training and experience, I do not offer a sliding scale.   However I do provide referrals to other resources in the community that may provide assistance if financial considerations are a problem. I do offer a 30 minute free initial consultation.


My Husband / Wife / Partner is hesitant to get counseling beca use they are afraid they will be blamed or judged.   What should I do?

These feelings are normal and should not prevent anyone in a partnership from getting help.  In my practice, blame, shame and judgement are not part of the prescription.

 Couples often come to have the environment where EVERYTHING can be discussed in a safe, non – judgmental space.  If your partner has concerns about attending counseling, encourage them call me so that their concerns and questions can be discussed.